HUFF MAGAZINE ft Elizabeth Brady

Lizzy graduated from WSA last year 2019 and her work has been photographed by many stylists and photographers @fashionsfinestuk – London Fashion Week 2020. Lizzy based her collection on Female Artists looking at abstract painting and textural structures. Her collection was in the WSA Fashion Show at the Vinyl Factory, London in June 2019. Lizzie has just launched her own collection of accessories called 91neutral … Continue reading HUFF MAGAZINE ft Elizabeth Brady

Year 2 Print Making to Music

Our second year printers have been rising to the challenge of making during lockdown and have embraced the move towards digital platforms. Creating their own professional Instagram accounts they have been learning the importance of self promotion, creating digital content and engaging with outside audiences. Beginning with their favourite song as a starting point the students have been asked to draw, paint, mark make and … Continue reading Year 2 Print Making to Music

Year One Virtual Visual Visit

Our first years have been rising to a few challenges, this year, but always surprise and make us proud with their creativity and problem solving. They have taken us on a world tour of how we can continue to appreciate the world and culture from home and find inspiration. To support them we have sent out equipment packs including flat pack looms, screens, knitting equipment … Continue reading Year One Virtual Visual Visit